With decades of experience in the geophysical industry, DTCC’s management team understands the crucial importance of providing our clients with a service that consistently exceeds expectations.


Vibration Sensors

DTCC has the ability to develop and produce vibration sensor for various applications and environments. Sensor is the essential part of IoT (Internet of Things). DTCC is determined to be a leader in the new era by introducing new technologies, such as fibre optic sensor, MEMS sensor to IoT applications.


Make Your Sensor Smart

The “Smarts” that DTCC has developed around our own sensor products can be applied to sensors produced by other manufacturers.  In this way, your sensors could be used for various applications directly without worry about the complicated interfacing and signal processing. Just plug and play.


Industrywide Application

Our vibration sensor technology has wider applications, such as pipeline leak detection, micro-seismic, frack monitoring, and border intrusion monitoring. Welcome to contact us for your special applications.


Quality Control

Starting with only the best materials, our stringent in-house quality control procedures allow us to track each manufacturing batch in fine detail. Our objective is that the quality of our products must always exceed our clients’ requirements, however strict those may be.


Fast Response

Our efficiency comes from keeping all key processes in-house. It ensures we have 100% control on the whole process, from designing to prototype to mass production. Our dedicated engineering, manufacturing and logistic teams will provide the fastest response in this industry.


Manufacturing Capacity

Our extensive state-of-the-art facilities have a manufacturing capacity that allows us to consistently exceed our customers’ delivery requirements.  DTCC can produce 1.2 million geophone elements, 1 million SmartSolo® Intelligent sensors and 200,000 typical geophone strings per year.