Calgary, Canada, May 3, 2017

DTCC announced today that it will complete the delivery, of a 20,000 SmartSolo™ system to Brisbane based, Terrex Seismic by early June 2017.

According to Greg Dunlop, CEO of Terrex Seismic, “We selected the SmartSolo™ after the completion of an extensive testing program here in Australia which was a part of a stringent due diligence process. The result of this process convinced us that this product provided the reliability, durability and flexibility to fulfill our future requirements for a recording system that enables Terrex to provide our customers with the high density, high quality, broadband solutions they require. It’s light weight package, robust construction and operationally efficient deign,  combined with the leading high sensitivity geophone DT-SOLO, will enable Terrex to continue providing the industry the high quality, cost effective and safe geophysical solutions they have come to associate with us.”

Gary Wu, Managing Director of DTCC, said: “Our industry is undergoing a paradigm shift in the seismic acquisition market, with new market drivers, like the ability to provide high quality data to conduct high density surveys, reduced environmental impact and to provide this at competitive rates. Terrex, as the biggest domestic geophysical provider in Australia, recognized these new drivers and we are pleased that they selected our SmartSolo™ to be part of their future growth strategy both for their domestic as well as international market. Our core principles will always remain, to deliver a highly reliable product and provide the best service to all our global clients”

Dynamic Technologies (DTCC) is based in Calgary, Texas and Beijing, with manufacturing in Langfang and Shenzhen, China. DTCC manufactures SmartSolo™ series smart seismic sensors and DT-Solo™ series high sensitivity geophones.

Terrex is a Brisbane based company, which is a leading technology-focused seismic solutions provider. Terrex provides cutting-edge seismic acquisition services which includes in house surveying, line preparation, geophysical processing and QC services to the global oil and gas, and resources industries.  With over 900 successful onshore seismic surveys, Terrex provides clients with peace of mind when it comes to maximizing the value of each client’s exploration budgets, adhering to its core values of safe, low environmental impact performance, high-quality data acquisition and value-for-money.