Calgary, Canada. Oct 10, 2018. DTCC announced today it has sold a 30,000 channel SmartSolo® system to SINOGEO, a Beijing based integrated oil and gas exploration and development service company. Delivery of the system was completed in September.

Gary Wu, Managing Director of DTCC, said: “SINOGEO is growing rapidly internationally, and is a technology focused company. I am delighted that SINOGEO have chosen to add SmartSolo® to their high-tech tool box. I believe SINOGEO will benefit greatly from the seismic acquisition advantages that SmartSolo® will give to them.”

Zhou Jin Ming, President of SINOGEO, stated: “SINOGEO is excited to take delivery of the first SmartSolo® system in China. We have always focused on using the newest state of the art technology to improve the efficiency and increase production rates on our seismic exploration projects. SmartSolo® is friendly to the environment, being small, lightweight, and highly reliable. SmartSolo® is the acquisition system that we have been looking for.”

About DTCC

Dynamic Technologies (DTCC) is headquartered in Calgary, Canada and has multiple R&D, Manufacturing and sales/support facilities in Canada, China and the US etc. DTCC is a world leading manufacturer of seismic sensors. DT-SOLO series high sensitivity geophones are recognized by the industry as the most reliable high-sensitivity seismic sensors. DTCC’s new product SmartSolo® – the World’s First Smart Seismic Sensor – defined a new category of seismic acquisition equipment.


SINOGEO is listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock code: 300191). It is based in Beijing China, and has branches in the US and Mongolia. SINOGEO is an integrated exploration and development service company. The main business involves oil and gas, geothermal energy exploration and development, urban exploration, 3D seismic data acquisition, image processing and interpretation, and integrated geophysical geological research. The company is also involved in block resource evaluation, drilling and completion services, horizontal well fracturing design and construction, underground three-dimensional space big data, artificial intelligence platforms, and other related software development.