Monday September, 2019

The 2019 Symposium on Physical Exploration Technology by the Chinese Petroleum Society (CPS) will be held in Chengdu 9-11 September. DTCC will be releasing its new addition to the product range, the IAU-19 (Intelligent Acquisition Unit), designed to meet the varying needs of customers for more applications in seismic recording. The IAU will be exhibited alongside the existing family of industry leading SmartSolo products.


On the morning of Sep.10th, DTCC will hold the IAU-19 New Product Launch in the 5th sub-venue location. The IAU is the latest in a product line of cost-effective world class equipment offered by DTCC for high production and scientific geophysical exploration.

You are invited to visit our SmartSolo Booth #A05 to further discuss the technologies and products that DTCC offer in the seismic exploration industry. Learn more about how our high quality, high efficiency, highly reliable low-cost seismic acquisition systems can help you get the most out of your next project.

Exhibition Time:9-11 September, 2019.
Booth: #A05
Product Promotion Time: Sep.10th 09:30am-10:10am
Product Promotion Site: Sub-venue 5 (Quincy Hall)
Exhibition Site:Howard Johnson Agile Plaza Chengdu