DTCC announced at the SEG in San Antonio the launch of IAU-19, an intelligent acquisition unit designed to meet the varying needs for more applications in seismic recording. IAU-19 can be connected with a variety of geophone series and applied in Low SNR area, transition zone and other areas that need external geophone or geophone string.

During SEG convention which ended on Sept. 19, the feedback from visitors about IAU-19 are very positive and encouraging. Gary Wu, the Managing director of DTCC pointed out “although we believe the single receiver nodes would be the mainstream application in the near future, we also understand there are still demands from some clients who still want to use geophone arrays for data acquisition but also want to take the advantages of nodal system which is more flexible and efficient than cable system. IAU-19 is designed to meet such demands.”

DTCC reserves the right to change specifications without notice while we improve the quality of our products.