Seismic exploration projects sometimes have to be performed in areas where there is risk of wild fire, or in agricultural environments where there is possibility of controlled burning of farm pastures. SmartSolo has been shown to survive this type of threat, demonstrated in the test outlined below.

SmartSolo IGUs are deployed and buried ~20cm (~8 inches) under dry soil.

A fire is made directly above the IGUs, and it burns for ~2 hours.

After the fire is extinguished, SmartSolo IGUs are recovered for inspection.

Showing minimal damage, all the IGUs are still fully functioning.

Simple but effective: in areas where dry conditions or environmental circumstances present a known threat of fire, ensure that the SmartSolo’s are buried at least ~20cm (~8 inches) below the surface. Your efficient production can proceed without interruption, and SmartSolo will continue to provide the high-quality data recording that you demand.