Calgary, Canada, July 20, 2017. Since the summer of 2016, when we held our first field test, in China, our SmartSolo® system has now been tested extensively against other cable and nodal systems, in various types of terrains. All the tests are listed in the form below. After completion of our tenth field test in Calgary, Canada, the client conclusions are unanimous. SmartSolo® delivers on its promises:

  • Proven higher productivity versus competing cable or nodal systems
  • Lowers overall operational costs by reducing overall crew personnel and vehicles.
  • Lowest environmental impact
  • High reliability of data because it uses DT-SOLO, the industry leader in high sensitivity geophones.
  • SmartSolo® is the most versatile nodal system for all types of environments.

SmartSolo® has proven that it can successfully be deployed in all challenging environments like mountainous, urban, transition zone, desert, and arctic conditions. Find out how SmartSolo® can reduce costs for you!

To learn more about SmartSolo® and additional information on our extensive field tests please contact your local SmartSolo® sales team.