In September 2019, DTCC were awarded the bid for a nodal seismic acquisition system to be used by the China National Administration of Coal Geology (CNACG). DTCC will deliver 4,000 channels of SmartSolo to enable CNACG to efficiently commence new upcoming research and exploration projects.

SmartSolo provide high quality dependable results at low cost, and have been successfully applied to many seismic research and high production projects worldwide. The sale of 4000 SmartSolo channels to CNACG is yet another significant milestone for DTCC, and further confirms the performance of SmartSolo meets the demanding technical requirements of coal exploration.

Coinciding with this new system sale, SmartSolo made an excellent appearance in the “New Era Coal Geophysical Exploration Technology Forum” sponsored by CNACG. During the event, representatives from DTCC conveyed many performance details and case studies of SmartSolo during their in-depth discussions with visiting experts.

Since 2017, SmartSolo has completed coal exploration projects in Australia, Shanxi and other locations. During this period, DTCC have continuously improved the product performance while accumulating extensive application experience. DTCC continues to bring high-quality low-cost equipment to customers in the energy exploration industry, and goes above and beyond to offer comprehensive technical support for its products.