Compatible with 1C and 3C devices, SoloLite is a SmartSolo software package with a simplified tool kit made suitable for managing projects that call for a smaller channel count. With integrated scripting, data harvesting and deliverable data output capabilities, functionality to handle both active and passive source acquisition has been appropriately scaled down for more portable applications.

A simplified work flow using the SoloLite software makes the process of project creation to data output more streamlined for those smaller jobs. With that said, it does support output of SEGD, SEGY, SAC, MiniSEED and other data formats. It can also be used for segmenting data with user defined intervals, easy output of segmented continuous receiver gathers, along with creation of shot gathers.

The Maps app is built into the SoloLite software, and this allows users to import their own base maps and other GIS information. At the same time, receiver positions can be projected onto Google Maps, giving users a more familiar and identifiable view of the acquisition station locations and surroundings.

Version of SoloLite has been officially released, but aligned with all other SmartSolo system products, it will continue to be updated and improved.

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